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Wiring your artwork?

Our advice...

Rule #1 - Use wire, not string! Picture hanging wire is great, just know that if you re-use old wire it may snap. A role of galvanized wire is available for $5 at most hardware stores, just make sure to fold the sharp ends out of the way. 

  • Measure the height of your piece and fix the screws between 1/4 and 1/3 of the way down. For example, if your stretcher is 24" tall, put your wire screws about 6" from the top. 

  • Do your best to make the screws the same distance down on both sides.

  • Use wire that's not much wider than your piece. You don't want so much slack that the piece tilts away from your wall, or is visible above your artwork.


Frames with glass?

Check your corners.

  • Make sure your picture frames are securely fastened in the corners, especially if it has glass. 

  • Make sure your wire is secure, and strong enough to hold the weight of your artwork.

  • You don't need fancy D-hooks, but please make sure your wire is wrapped properly around the screw/ eye-screw. If it doesn't feel secure, try using a washer as well.

  • Don't use over-sized eye-screws that may scratch up the wall and prevent your piece from laying flat. Try installing them just inside the stretcher, rather than the back. Make sure there aren't flaps of canvas in the way of the wire.


Work might be wet?

Give us warning!

  • We all hate deadlines, and the best of us may wait till the last minute to finish a painting. We would prefer not to hang wet work, but if you do bring some in, please let us know at intake! 

  • We need to be able to protect our hands, our clothes, the walls, other artwork and most of all, your painting.

  • The best thing you can do is try hanging your artwork at home before you bring it in. Check that the wire isn't visible, it isn't top-heavy (wire too low) and lays flat against the wall without leaving scratches.

See you on intake day! (and if you wrap your artwork before bringing it in, please take your packaging home with you)

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