November to February

Rent The Gallery

LAS Members and friends can rent our beautiful gallery during the winter after our eight-month season ends. Rental rates are very low to encourage artists to have shows; the income helps us with some winter expenses. It's a clean, white, open space with bright front windows, lots of lighting and parking on a central street. 


Have your own pre-Christmas solo show or share it with friends. 

Super Affordable

Winter Rental Rates

In order to rent the gallery you must be a current LAGS member. The annual membership fee is $40 (no tax).



  • Daily (8am to 5pm or partial day) $57.50

  • Weekend (Fri 6pm to Sun 5pm)  $115.00

  • Week (Mon 8am to Fri 5pm) $230.00

Rental payments are made via e-transfer to

It's so easy.

How to Apply

Send your completed application form to and make your payment to secure your booking. Until that is done, other bookings may be accepted for your dates.


Once your dates are confirmed someone from the gallery will help you with any concerns or questions, or help mounting your show if you need it.

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