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August 5 - 27, 2022

Jill Smith - Stone Bowls

My bowls are carved from local stone and some specialty stone sourced in Newfoundland. I would classify them as functional art. As a lifelong rock hound, bowls seemed a great way to expose the inner beauty of our local rocks. It is always challenging to carve the harder materials such as red jasper, porphyry and breccias but so rewarding to see the polished colours and patterns. Most of the stone that I use is too hard to work by hand and so I rely on angle grinders, diamond blades and cups, hammer and chisels. There is a wet polishing process in which I use a pneumatic polisher and diamond pads. The process start to finish is time consuming but absolutely rewarding.


See more of Jill's work on instagram @jillsmithstonebowls.


September 2 - 24

Jeanette Wieckhorst + Colette Samson

LEAF ART by Jeanette Wieckhorst - Don't get tired of raking up all the leaves in your yard! You can do amazing things with them. You'll never look at leaves the same way again.Have fun with the detail - All cut from a humble little leaf! Each art work is cut from real leaves. Shape and colour variations will be unique to every piece. Find more of Jeanette's work at

GLASS ART by Collette Samson

Colette Samson is a glass artist, operating Image Glass Studio in Shubenacadie East, NS. She works primarily in fused glass techniques such as kiln casting, fritography, kiln carving and sculpture. Her work can be found in private collections nationally and internationally, both in use and on display.  

Colette also instructs in glass art and has designed and delivered a curriculum of training in fused glass for Community colleges and other groups. Colette is a juried member of the Craft Council of NL and the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council, and a member of the Glass Art Association of Canada. Find more of Colette's work on facebook at ImageGlassArt.


2022 Calendar

April 1 - 20: 



July 1 - 30:



August 5 - 27:


Stone Bowls


September 2 - 24:


Leaf Art/Metal Trees


Image Glass Art


October 7 - 29


Ink Drawings


For more information about Small Stuff, contact Marilyn and Merrill at

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