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2024 Calendar

April 5 - 27

Virginia Bell

Mirrors using vintage jewellery in the frames


May 3 - June 1

Kate Church

Multimedia figures


June 7 - 29

Susan Delatour



July 5 - 27

Laura and Dave McLachlan

Pottery and Wood


August 2 - 31


Nancy Wilkins, Jo McGee,

Mary-Ann Hiltz, Merrill Heubach


Sept. 6 - 28

Joey Carter

Lobster Rope Baskets


October 4 - 26

Bill Gimby

Rock and Driftwood Sculptures


Participating Artist?

Each month, April to October, a different artist fills our bookshelves with a collection of Small Stuff.


These artists are selected by the Small Stuff committee and are folks who have either reached out to us directly or were approached directly by committee members. Artists that are selected usually have a good quantity of unique, reasonably priced items that will fit on the shelves. 

If you are an upcoming Small Stuff artist:


  • The shelf measurements are available in the photographs above.

  • Our shelves can be removed, but not adjusted vertically.

  • There is an outlet at the bottom for additional lighting or motion displays.

  • The shelves can hold at least 25lbs (or 12kg) each.

  • The crates pictured are available for artist use but are also easily stored in the back room.

  • The shelves are located about 25ft from the heatpump so are mostly unaffected by extreme temperatures or air movement. They are close to the counter and always visible by a volunteer. 

For more information about participating in our Small Stuff exhibitions, please contact Marilyn Congdon or Merrill Heubach at

For general gallery-related information, please contact Jennifer at


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