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For every show, you'll need to: 

Register Your Artwork

NEXT INTAKE DAY: SUNDAY, APRIL 2 and MONDAY APRIL 3, 2023 from 1pm - 4pm both daysPlease register* before midnight, Saturday, April 1st.
  • Every show may include ONE piece per member (diptychs/triptychs must be for sale as one piece). 
  • As the space for 3D work is less limited, sculptors may include up to 3 pieces for a grouping. 
  • All artwork should be original, ready to hang & not displayed at LAGS within the last 2 years.
  • Consistent formatting helps! Height is first, then width. Dimensions are of the artwork, not the frame. When everything is printed, this how the finished tag should look:


Joe Fitzgerald

24" x 18"

oil on canvas


When your artwork sells:
  • 60% of your price will be mailed to you before the end of the following month
  • 40% will go to supporting the gallery
  • 15% HST will be added at point of sale
  • You will be contacted to bring in another piece
*By Registering, you acknowledge and accept that the Lunenburg Art Society does not insure any artwork brought to the gallery and cannot be held responsible for theft or damage.

Step 1:

This form is used for inventory, wall tags, sales recording and point-of-sale. Please try to follow formatting examples and make sure all info is correct. 

We've got it! Thanks for registering.(refresh page to register additional pieces)

Step 2:

If you have a good-quality image of your piece, you can upload it here. Images of artwork may be added to our website and social media.
It helps if you include you
r name and artwork title in the name of the file (i.e. TREES_JohnDoe.jpg).
You're almost there! Ignore the prompt to
Crop and add this image"
and click the 
DONE  button.

  When you get to the part that looks like this:

we have successfully received your image! 

If you're having trouble following these steps,
you may also email your image to
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