For every show, you'll need to: 

Register Your Artwork

Register each piece of artwork here for monthly shows.
SUNDAY, JULY 31 and MONDAY AUG 1, 2022 
1pm - 4pm both days
Deadline to register for August's show is July 30. 
Fill in each box, then click 'SEND' at the bottom. 
Due to the increased number of participants 2022, every member showcase may include ONE piece PER member (diptychs and triptychs must be sold as one piece). All artwork should be your own work, ready to hang and not recently displayed at LAGS. 
When your artwork sells:
  • 60% of your price will be mailed to you before the end of the following month
  • 40% will go to supporting the gallery
  • 15% HST will be added at point of sale
  • You will be contacted to bring in another piece
By Registering, you acknowledge and accept that the Lunenburg Art Society does not insure any artwork brought to the gallery and cannot be held responsible for theft or damage. 
NEW - If you have a good-quality image of your piece, you can submit the file below the registration form. If the form does not work on your device, you can also send it to Images of artwork may be added to our website, social media and the Square point-of-sale in the gallery. 
Please label files with
your name and artwork title
(i.e. TREES_JohnDoe.jpg)
ps There is no confirmation message,
but once you click 'Done' your image
has been uploaded successfully. 

Step 1:

This form is used for inventory, wall tags, sales recording and payment processing. Please follow formatting examples (i.e. use ALL CAPS where indicated) and make sure all information is correct. 

We've got it!Thank you for registering.See you on Intake Day!(refresh page to registeranother piece)

Step 2: Submit Images of your artwork here: