Join the PSOS Team!

Do you love to be around art and artists? You can participate, too!

We welcome Team Members before and during Paint Sea On Site.

If you are able to give any time at all, please click HERE .

The success of Paint Sea On Site (PSOS) depends on the numerous volunteers who organize and run the event. As this is a major source of income for the Lunenburg Art Society (LAS), volunteers are a crucial part of achieving our funding goals.


Volunteers carry out numerous tasks. Most take a few hours during the event or within days before or after it. We also need volunteers for the organizing committee to help plan the event. Being on the committee is a broader role exposing you to all of the aspects of PSOS. It can be very rewarding.

There's a volunteer task that is just right for you!


MONITOR TEAM is our contact between PSOS and the art buyers.

  • you provide information and assistance to buyers as needed,

  • you manage the bidding process on the floor,

  • you facilitate the sale of artwork


RUNNER TEAM is our ‘eyes and ears’ on the artists as they are out ‘en plein air’.

  • you take water to and check on the artists.

  • you bring back finished art to the Community Centre during the day.

  • you will need a vehicle. (Running not recommended!)


FLOOR TEAM operates the behind the scenes tasks, a broad scope of work including:

  • Registering artists

  • Hanging art

  • Assisting the Monitors as needed

  • Handling the sale of the art and associated paperwork


SETUP & TAKEDOWN TEAM gets the Community Centre ready, and takes everything down and put it away so we are ready for next year. Tasks include

  • setting up art stands and tables,

  • putting out chairs and all of the equipment we need to run PSOS.

  • Setup is on Friday night and Takedown is on Sunday night.


SIGNAGE TEAM is a small team of two or three

  • put up our banner and signs the week prior to PSOS

  • take them down at the end of the event.


If there is a task/team you can volunteer for, there are signup sheets at the Lunenburg Art Gallery.

Or email Or phone 902-640-4044. We WILL get back to you!

We welcome all volunteers, especially members of the Lunenburg Art Society. Many hands make light work!

Thank you for your help!

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