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We have 3 ways for artists & artisans to participate in LAF:


  • Plein air/on-site artists working live around the waterfront and throughout the town. Artwork will be picked up by runners as it is finished and sold in the LAF tent outside the Fisheries Museum. No limit on spaces.

  • 4' x 10' booths (1/2 small tent) for individual artists or shared by two to showcase a selection of pre-finished art and demonstrations. Booths must be attended 11am - 5pm, artwork will be sold through LAF for 40% commission. SOLD OUT 

  • Studio Tour Locations in and around Lunenburg, Blue Rocks and Tannery Rd. Studio tour artists may sell artwork themselves without any commission. 10/10 AVAILABLE


All 2023 registration fees can be paid in person at the gallery (194B Lincoln St, Lunenburg), or by e-transfer to:

Once registered, you'll receive an information .pdf by the end of April.

July 22 & 23, 2023
Lunenburg Arts Fest 2023 Artist Registration

Your spot is not secured until your fee is received. Payment can be made by:

• e-transfer to

• in person at the gallery (debit, credit or cash)

Participation type:

Registration received! We'll send a follow-up email shortly.

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